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Salary Packaging Employer Returns


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Salary Packaging Employer Returns

To stay attractive and competitive, organisations are working hard to protect their most critical asset – human capital. From defining and developing workplace culture, to career progression and training, getting the right staff on board – and retaining them – has never been such a priority.

For many organisations, an attractive employee benefits program forms a key part of their retention strategy. It helps foster engagement by delivering financial benefits in the form of dollars saved and reduced tax.
Salary Packaging is a lucrative employee benefit.
In fact, most Public Hospitals and Charities rely heavily on a solid and simple salary packaging program to attract and retain talented staff. Yet, even with breakthrough technology in our banking, payroll and taxation systems, before Eziway there was no simple method for FBT-exempt employers to process

Salary Packaging Benefits

for their employees accurately and compliantly.
Additionally, inexpert program management can leave not-for-profit employers open to compliance risk and jeopardise FBT- exempt status.
A compliant Eziway program enables the following:
  • Assist in becoming an employer of choice
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Build long term employee loyalty

Eziway – Your Trusted Salary Packaging Partner in the Not for Profit!

Eziway is a boutique provider of Salary Packaging and

Novated Lease

services that specialises in FBT-exempt employers since commencing operations in 2006. We manage 254 employer clients nationally. Our systems are dedicated to the faultless administration of this tax status and our dedicated service model is tailored in every case to meet the growing needs of each client. Eziway is a

Salary Sacrifice Company

that manages

Salary Sacrifice

packages for employees from Charity PBI’s, Public Health Service, Community Support and Disability Service providers nationally.

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